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Tabali was one of the first wineries to settle in the Limari Valley. It's one of the most promising valleys of the country and it´s located in the North of Chile. The proximity to the Atacama Desert and to the Pacific Ocean, as well as the presence of limestone soils, brings an exceptional and unique terroir, ideal for the production of high quality wines.

At Tabali Winery, we are totally committed to crafting unique wines with distinct regional character and full of Limarí expression.

We are passionate about producing the highest quality wines by carefully balancing all elements, growing healthy wines, a careful selection of grapes and ultimately the best winemaking techniques. Our young and enthusiastic team is dedicated to producing wines that wine lovers around the world can taste and enjoy.

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botalcura winery

Since its beginnings, Botalcura Winery was formed thanks to the passion of 2 men. Juan Fernando Waidele, Chilean businessman and wine lover, has always felt a special connection to a charming little town called Botalcura in Maule Valley. Philippe Debrus, French winemaker, arrived to Chile in search of something new; the challenge was not only to contribute with his experience in producing crafted wines, but to stamp them with his own personal style, throughout creativity and dedication. The encounter of these entrepreneurs in the year 2000 sealed the character of what we know today as Botalcura Winery; the purpose of its creation goes beyond the production of the best wines in Chile, but also to pour this same passion in everything we do and by this, share the results of the love we have for our job, for our town and for our wines.

Our winery was designed to reflect our desire to maintain the delicate harmony of the natural environment and the original buildings of the surrounding area. When we first came to Botalcura, we were struck by the beauty and imposing character of the local architecture that gracefully blends the richness and simplicity of the old colonial style buildings influenced by the ancient Spanish customs and we sought to reproduce these very concepts when we built our winery.

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Vina Undurraga

Undurraga has two winemaking cellars, with a total capacity of 23,000,000 litres. One cellar is located at Quinta de Tilcoco in Chile’s 6th region, while the other is on the Santa Ana Estate in Talagante, in Chile’s Metropolitan Region. Both have modern facilities where the fermentation, processing, ageing and bottling processes for Undurraga’s still and sparkling wines take place.

The cool antique underground cellars, which date back to the winery’s founding days in the 19th century, provide the perfect environment for ageing our Reserva wines. Thanks to our experienced winemaking team and modern facilities, Undurraga has developed quality wines of international renown, which are able to satisfy a wide range of tastes.