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craggy range

When Australian businessman Terry Peabody visited New Zealand in 1997, he immediately recognised his odyssey had reached its destination. He realised very quickly that the promise he’d made to his wife and daughter – to create an enduring family wine legacy – had come to fruition. They may have expected Old World France. What they got was something altogether more interesting …

Terry sensed a new and exciting possibility in New Zealand, a potential he hadn’t seen elsewhere despite an extensive search of the world’s well known wine regions. The exceptional climate and the spirit of the people aligned with his own philosophy and desire to cut a new path. His ambition was not merely to emulate the greatest examples of wine styles in the world - it was bolder. He wanted to create new benchmarks with wines that would become internationally regarded as World classics - wines that would be listed in the world’s greatest restaurants and sold by fine wine merchants.


Nautilus Estate

The striking Nautilus shell - its shape expressing natural beauty and mathematical perfection - is our inspiration to create a collection of expressive, textural, precisely crafted wines.

Our energetic and innovative viticultural and winemaking team takes the approach of blending several different fruit parcels to achieve layers of complexity in the wines, focusing on their texture and mouth-feel. Our state-of-the-art but small-scale winemaking facilities give them the tools to achieve this.

Whilst Nautilus wines can easily be enjoyed on their own, we believe they are even better when paired with delicious food and the philosophy of creating food-friendly wines is paramount for winemaker Clive Jones.