Food - the perfect pairing to wine

What would good wine be without some excellent food to pair with it?

Along with our famous and very bountiful platters we also introduced authentic Spanish Paella, Bavarian Sausages along with different cheeses, meatballs, Spanish style potatoes and a variety of salads.

Whatever your wine, we have a dish to pair with it to get the most out of the wine and your evening.

Our speciality is traditional Spanish Paella. You have a choice of seafood paella or one with chicken and chorizo and in small (2 person) or large (4 person) sizes.

Both are delicious and will take your mind away to the coastal regions of Spain where our recipe comes from.

But don't take our word for it - come and try.

Some of the other items on our menu are:

Bavarian Sausages - a selection of the best Bavarian sausages served with Dijon wholegrain mustard and pickles.

Chorizo Crostini - Chorizo with blue cheese, homemade fig jam, cherry tomatoes and rosemary.

Albondigas - Spanish style meatballs served with a red wine and picante tomato sauce.

For reservations and if you have any questions: 22252507.